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  Ranking last updated on Sunday, July 26th 11:47 2009
for the server Fitzy's Quake 3 Server
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An overview of what's been happening on this
Quake III Arena

This page shows all the data available in the meta log file, summed up in neat tables.

global statistics
...Global Info
...Weapon related Frags/Deaths
...Correlation Weapon Frags/Deaths
...Suicides & Overall Damage Types
...Roles - The player classes
...Role Correlation - FDS
...N of Players Per Map

Tells you when the data was last updated. The number of "raw" server output lines that where parsed. Total number of players served, connects counted. Number of different player names. Number of Level changes, e.g. number of maps played.

Furthermore the time/date of the first and last happening in the meta log file are shown. The Up Time is simply the time span between last and first happening (it might be negative if the logs feed to preaes were not on chronological order). The Map Time is the sum of the times, frags etc. actually occurred in maps.

  Misc global info  
N Info
 732  Total n of lines processed
34  Total n of players served
Unique player names
Level changes
 Current date  Sunday, July 26th 2009 
 First frag  July 25th 17:50:14 2009 
 Last frag July 25th 14:55:12 2009 
 Up time Negative -2 Secs 
 Map time 3:12'00 Hours 

inventory Summery of the Happenings on the server. The number of Frags, Suicides and Events are shown, also as percentages. The data presented here is a summery of all recorded happenings.
 % of 732  N  
99.2%  726 Weapon related frags
0.8% 6 Suicides
   732  Total n of happenings

weapon related
For each in-game Frag/(Death) there is information about the weapons that where involved. The frag weapon belongs to the Fragger, the Death weapon belongs to the Fragged. The histograms show the usage counts for each weapon. You will note that the overall number of frags/deaths is the same.

Note: For most games/mods there is no Death Weapon information available.

Weapon related Frags
% of Total N 726  Frags   N   Weapon 
 13   Shotgun 
 22   Gauntlet 
 11   Machinegun 
 9   Grenade Launcher 
 8   Grenade Splash 
 135   Rocket Launcher 
 167   Rocket Splash 
 7   Plasma Gun 
 4   Plasma Splash 
 7   Railgun 
 261   Lightning Gun 
 9   BFG 
 69   BFG Splash 
 3   Grapple 
 1   Unknown 

This matrix shows the fragger's weapon on the x-axis (lines), and the weapon the fragged where holding on the y-Axis (columns). This will let you interpret the most commonly used weapons. The numbers are color coded.

How to read the table. Let's say you want to know what commonly the opponents (the fragged) by weapon N 5 have. Seek the weapon line number 5, and all the columns to the right will show the weapons the fragged where holding while being shot down by a N 5 weapon.If the intensity (counts) is high in line N 5 you will have found a weapon that the fragged where carrying often. In most cases the fragged will only have weak weapons.

Note: Most games/mods do not provide information about the weapon the fragged player was holding. Therefore data might not be shown.

[Not available for Quake III Arena]

suicides / 
damage types
The left part of the table shows a list of suicide related damage types Quake III Arena provides.

In the right part, all in-game damage types are counted (not mattering if they have to do with suicides). The table splits them up and gives absolute and percentage values.

Note: Most games/mods do not provide extra damage type information.

% of Total N 6  Suicides   N   Form of Death 
 2   Lava 
 4   Trigger Hurt 

In the following table you will find a list of events Quake III Arena supports. The table shows absolute and percentage values.

In the AEsscore.cfg the admin can assign points to each event, these are used to calculate the scores in the rightmost column. these points as also used on the team stats pages.

Note: Most games/mods do not provide extra event information.

[Not available for Quake III Arena]

(player classes)
In the following table you will find a list of the player roles (classes) this Quake III Arena server supports. The table gives absolute and percentage values.

In the right part of the table you will notice the columns E, D, F, S, these stand for Event, Death, Frag and Suicide counts in that specific role. The sums of F and D are of course the same. Since each frag scores one frag for the fragger and one death for the fragged.

Note: Most games/mods do not provide extra role information.

[Not available for Quake III Arena]

This matrix shows the player roles (classes). Role fragger's are on the x-axis (lines), and the role fragged are shown on the y-axis (columns). This will let you interpret what the most commonly used frag roles were. If both players were of the same class, then they are shown on the diagonal. The numbers are color coded.

Note: Most games/mods do not provide extra role information.

[Not available for Quake III Arena]

n of
players per map

maps & times

Table 1: For the most recently played levels (upto a maximum of 65 set in AEstats.cfg), the number of players that where seen are shown in this histogram. These are absolute player counts, meaning that they *can* be higher than the max. player limit, since players can join/leave the map at any time.

The time-axis runs from left to right, e.g. the right-most column is the last map played that day.

Table 2: The table below the histogram shows the map names, when the games in those maps started, how long they where played, the HPH (Happenings per Hour & Map), and the Happening counts (happenings = frags + suicides + events). The specific counts in frags, suicides and events are also shown.

If the map times are less than 60 seconds (TimeBarrier set in AEstats.cfg) the per hour values are not calculated and set to zero (this removes meaningless high values).

Note: Some games/mods do not provide map names or time/date information.

  N of Players per Map  
  ( Last 9 of 9 maps played, average PPM: 3 )  
N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Map Names & Times
 N   Map Name   Begin   Up Time   HPH   Happenings   Frags   Suis 
 Q3w1   July 2009
25th 17:50:14  
 0 Secs   0  1 0 1
 Q3dm2   25th 11:43:12   3:12'00 Hours   38  124 124 0
 Q3dm3   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  88 88 0
 Q3dm4   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  79 79 0
 Q3dm5   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  126 126 0
 Q3dm6   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  120 120 0
 Q3dm7   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  112 110 2
 Q3dm8   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  78 78 0
 Q3dm17   25th 14:55:12   0 Secs   0  4 1 3
      Average -> 4 732 726 6

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