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ranking pages

For lots of statistical information, death match and team rankings, and much much more, see your gaming results on this
Quake III Arena

If you want to contact the admin of this server, then send an email to:

death match rank
Are you ready for merciless ranking? Follow the player name links to the individual player stats pages. For an overview of frags / deaths / suicides see the ranking and the difference matrices.

team rank

You want to see how your team played these the last few maps? And how well you did as a team player? Then check out the team stats.

buddy stats

The buddy stats page, compares all the vital data of your buddies. If no buddies are defined, then the top folks in ranking are compared.

best of

This page shows the best of stats for the folks on this server. See who had the hightest FPH, or fragged the most etc...

global info

The global data gives you an overview on what's been happening on this server.

help & faq

The help page sums up all the information you need to understand the tables, matrices, etc. It is part of the online help. The faq - Frequently Asked Questions, will answer tons of inside info.
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