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for the server Fitzy's LAN Party January 2009
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Some tables might be overwhelming at first. Here you can read up on how these tables are to be read. You will find they convey quite a lot of infos.

...The list of ranked players?
...The ranking table?
...The ranking matrix?
...The rank intensity matrix?
...The difference matrix?
...The diff intensity matrix?

player stats
...Weapon usage
...Alternate weapon usage
...Alternate frags/deaths/duis
...Suicides / damage types
...Frags per hour & map

the list of ranked players
Here is the list of players that have enough incidents and high netto% scores to make it into the top 20 list of ranked players. For your convenience names are alphabetically sorted.

Note that this page uses an intensity color coding. The player N and color match those in the ranking matrix below. The 'top' players in ranking are colored in red, and the 'weakest' in blue.

Ranked Player List  -  Top 4
NPlayer NPlayer NPlayer
 2   Basher   3   Fotski    
 1   Fitzy   4   Lopey    

the ranking table
Using the rank matrix as data basis, a player list sorted by rank is calculated. The more frags you score against other players, without getting hit too much, the better your ranking. Also your suicide count should be low.

Note you are ranked against every other player in ranking. And every player counts the same. So if you lose against a few you can improve your ranking by hitting on others that are actually in ranking. So hitting weak players - these get filtered out - won't get you anywhere and only spoils the beginners fun.

player The player links point to a player specific stats page. Note: On that page *all* player related data is shown. The table here only shows the data relevant for ranking (a data subset).
rank Your rank, e.g. how good (efficient) you were playing. Values range from 0 to 100, where 50 is your average player that does not suicide much and gets hit as much as he hands out. So you will want to have values above 50... trust me ;).
contacts The number of players you hit or that hit on you. Maximum value is matrix size - 1 - and you are not counted.
incidents Sum of frags + deaths + suicides. Used to sort the ranking matrix, and also used to determine who will be ranked. Only players with high incident counts will be ranked - to ensure a good statistic.
nettos frags - deaths - suicides and netto% are a simply form of ranking - an efficiency.

Percent values are also indicated. The last line shows averages for each column.
Ranking for the Top 4
N  Player    Rank    Contacts   Incidents   Frags    F%    Deaths    D%    Netto    N%  
1   Fitzy   72.78 87  63  72  24  27  39  44 
2   Basher   51.24 59  24  40  35  59  -11  -18 
3   Fotski   48.87 67  23  34  44  65  -21  -31 
4   Lopey   14.37 23  21  18  78  -13  -56 
  46.82  3.0  59.0  28.8  48.7  30.2  51.3   

the ranking matrix
Foundation of all ranking is the following ranking matrix, that sums up all the frag, and death (suicide) data. The matrix is sorted by the player incident count, top left players played the most, bottom right played the least.

How to read the matrix
The horizontal lines begin with a player name and a color coded number, each value in the following columns (to the right) are frags this player scored *against* all the other players. Now locate the column (vertical) with the same player number, all values in that column show the same player's deaths. (The values on the diagonal used to be suicides, these where converted into virtual frags and redistributed among the players in ranking).

All the players frags are summed up in the last column (outer right). The last line in the matrix sums up all the deaths. Bottom right N shows the total number of incidents (frags+deaths).

Note: Only the frags and deaths are shown/counted are relevant to ranking, and thereby have to do with the folks *in* ranking, this is a frag/death subset of the total number of frags/deaths of these players.

Ranking Matrix for the Top 4
Player 1 2 3 4  Frags 
 Fitzy 1   30 24 12 66
 Fotski 2 9   11 4 24
 Basher 3 10 14   2 26
 Lopey 4 5       5
Deaths  24 44 35 18 121

the rank intensity matrix
This matrix shows the same data as the ranking matrix above, only that the frags and deaths share a common intensity color coding. Red shows the maximum values seen in frags, and deaths. Blue the minimum values.

the difference matrix
To make it easier to compare if you are being hit more by certain players, than you are hitting them, check out the following difference matrix. For each player pair i and j the matrix[i][j]-matrix[j][i] values are calculated. In other words, if in your horizontal player line you only see positive values then no one is fragging you more than you are fragging them. Negative values tell you who is ripping you off ;). Also notice the symmetry along the diagonal.
Difference Matrix for the Top 4
Player 1 2 3 4  Frags 
 Fitzy 1   21 14 7 42
 Fotski 2 -21   -3 4 -20
 Basher 3 -14 3   2 -9
 Lopey 4 -7 -4 -2   -13
Deaths  -42 20 9 13 0

the diff intensity matrix
This matrix shows the same data as the diff matrix above, only that the frags and deaths share a common intensity color coding. Red shows the maximum values seen in frags, and deaths. Blue the minimum values.

the weapon usage & the frage, deaths & suicides
weapon usage
The y-axis is in %. Shown are your frags and deaths (suicides on the right hand side) as percentages of your total number of incidents (f+d+s). The x-axis denotes the weapons involved. The weapons are color coded.

As a good player your F (for frags) bars should be higher than your D (for deaths, these are frags other players scored against you using that same weapon) bars. And you can see right away what weapons you really have a grip on and with which you should practice more. See the next table for absolute values.

Weapon Usage
% BFG BS Gau Gr GrS L Mg Rg Ra RaH R RS Sg T Suis
frags / deaths / suicides
This table is color coded, the way the previous table was coded. It shows the absolute counts in frags, deaths, suicides and the appropriate percentage values. All your frags & deaths are summed up. The suicides are mentioned for completeness, see the suicide table for details.
Frags, Deaths, Suicides
 Frags   F %   Deaths   D %   Weapons
0 0.0% 0 0.0%  BFG 
0 0.0% 0 0.0%  BFG Splash 
2 1.7% 0 0.0%  Gauntlet 
0 0.0% 1 0.9%  Grenade 
0 0.0% 0 0.0%  Grenade Splash 
15 12.9% 12 10.3%  Lightning 
11 9.5% 3 2.6%  Machinegun 
0 0.0% 0 0.0%  Railgun 
22 19.0% 11 9.5%  Razor 
4 3.4% 3 2.6%  Razor Head 
9 7.8% 2 1.7%  Rocket 
7 6.0% 1 0.9%  Rocket Splash 
6 5.2% 2 1.7%  Shotgun 
1 0.9% 0 0.0%  Telefrag 
77 66.4% 35 30.2%  
   Suis   S %   
  4 3.4%  Damage type summery 

the alternate weapon usage & the frage, deaths & suicides
alternate weapon usage
This table is much the same as the weapon usage table above. This table shows the player's use of the alternate weapon mode HeadHunters III for Q3Aprovides.

alternate frags / deaths / suicides
This table is much the same as the frags/deaths/suis table mentioned above. Absolute & percentage values of Alternate frag / death / suicide counts.

Note: Most games/mods do *not* have alternate weapon modes.

the suicides & damage types
On the left side of the table you will find a list of suicides HeadHunters III for Q3A provides.

On the right side all the player's in-game damage types are counted (not mattering if they have to do with suicides). The table splits them up and gives absolute and percentage values.

Note: Most games/mods do not provide extra damage type information.

% of Total N 4  Suicides   N   Form of Death 
 1   Razor 
 3   Rocket Splash 

the fph per map
fph per map
The most recently map *you* played are shown. The histogram displays the Frags per Hour (FPH). This is a measure of your fragging frequency. FPH is calculated in the following way:
FPH = (Frags - Deaths - Suicides) / (MapTime/3600)
MapTime is the time the map was up in seconds. So if you only make 2 or 3 frags then disconnect, your FPH will be bad for that map. Try to play the map to the next level change. High FPH values are possible by fragging all you can see, and doing it as quickly as possible without getting hit. This is *not* really criterium how good you are, it's more like a frag-frenzy indicator 8-).

Note: Some games/mods do not provide time/date or map name information.

  FPH per Map  
  ( Last 2 of 2 maps played, average FPH: 0 )  
N 1 2
fph & times
In this table many details on the last maps you have been playing are shown. You can check on the map names, when and for how long each map was played, the FPH and the netto values, used to calc the FPH.
Frags per Hour & Times
 N   Map Name   Begin   Up Time   FPF   Netto   Frags   Deaths   Suis   Placed   F-Row   D-Row 
 Q3hh2   February 2009
7th 21:17:08  
 0 Secs   0  15 44 26 3  1 of 4  6 4
 Q3hh3   7th 20:17:08   0 Secs   0  23 33 9 1  1 of 3  7 2
      Average -> 0 38 77 35 4 1.0 6.5 3.0

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