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for the server Fitzy's LAN Party January 2009
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Wondering how you have been doing as a team player? Or how your team contributions are? How your team did in the last few maps? Or even how your 'clan' did? Here you will find out about all this.

team ranking
...the team stats summery

---this page & all sub pages are temporary!---

team stats summery For the last 90 (set MaxTeamMapsShown in AEstats.cfg) map the team specific infos are summarized in the following table.

Note: The maps relevant for team stats are filtered, only maps above the happening barrier of 80 (set TeamHappeningBarrier), that where played for longer than 300 seconds (set TeamTimeBarrier in AEstats.cfg), will be used!

[No map passed TeamMapRelevant filter - no map data shown!]

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