Cambodia 16th April 2004

Petrol Station, Cambodian style

Today was most regrettably our last day, though we were very much looking forward to getting home and seeing our family, expecially James who we missed immensely. We slept in a little and did some more packing before catching a ride in the Tuk Tuk with Savin to the School of the Arts of Children of Asia. The school was formed to teach the younger children traditional music and dance and the customs of Cambodia, which came very close to being wiped out by the Khmer Rouge. We explored the small roadside market outside the school while we waited for it to open, but due to the holidays, the school was closed today. Dissapointing, but it leaves us something different to see the next time we visit!

Ivy Breakfast

We headed into town and had a geat bacon and egg breakfast at The Ivy, and then travelled through the market again before catching the Tuk Tuk back to the guest house.

The tuk tuk ride this time was an unforgettable experience as we were clipped by a 4WD overtaking us. Savin managed to keep it under control, but it was quite frightening as I had visions of Liam lossing his fingers as the Landcruiser clipped the edge as it went past. Of course he didn't stop, and we got back to the guest house fine, if only a little shaken. The damage to the tuk tuk didn't seem too bad, and I'm sure Savin was able to fix it up like new.

Bakong Causeway

Oiyee and I managed to squeeze in a few more temples before we had to head to the airport for home. Savin took us to the Roulos Group in the tuk tuk, first visiting the Bakong.

Bakong Temple

There appeared to be a lot of celebration going on in the markets near the temples, with lots of music, people and colour. We explored the temple and the buddhist monastery beside the temple. Near the rear of the temple was a beautiful small girl and her very shy friend or brother who were sitting underneath an elephant statue escaping the heat of the sun.

In the shade

I found it hard to get a photo of the young boy, but the girl was quite camera happy. She insisted on referring to me as madam, despite my best efforts but she was quite endearing.

Nandi Bulls

Last stop on the way back was Preah Ko, which really showed their age. The nandi bull statues in front of the temple looked like they had been there every day of the thousand years since they were first carved.

Pumpkin, Liam and Hun

Back at the guest house, we had some lunch and Liam was especially honoured, being invited to lunch at Hun's. He shared some rice with them, but declined on the dried fish. I only hope he declined politely. His being able to share lunch was a delightful opportunity for him, and he will remember his Cambodian friends for ever. I finally found my perfect souviners, being some excellently carved apsaras, carved by Monkoe Yann on sale right here at the guest house. He also gave Liam a carved elephant, which he treasures greatly.

Diamond and Liam

We said our goodbyes to all the wonderful staff at Peace of Angkor. We truly had a great time in Siem Reap, and the people at the guest house were simply all wonderful.

Monkoe Yann and Liam
On our way home