Mallee and Border Track 25th - 30th September 2004

Day 4 - 28th September 2004

I planned to have a lazy day today with little or no driving. I thought the kids would like to just hang around and avoid sitting in the car, but they were soon bored and wanted to explore a bit. They didn't like the beach here so much, as the sand was quite muddy and silty beneath the top layer, and the river was quite deep so they couldn't go out more than a metre from the bank, so we fed the left over breakfast to the Butcherbirds and thought about what to do today.

After breakfast we jumped in the car and headed down to the Mouth of the Mullaroo, managing to back track and make all the right turns without the laptop, but finding our path thwarted by a collapsed bridge.

We headed back to camp, and spent the day there, going on a short walk hunting down a bird we could hear calling and just relaxing at the campsite reading and enjoying the location and nature. There was a Black Kite nest across the river, and the two kites constantly soarded over the river and our campsite, on one occasion diving down and grabbing some leftovers from the Butcher Bird family who we had befriended.

We spotted quite a few birds here: a Pied Butcherbird and young, Black Kites, Pelicans, Regent Parrots and Mulga Parrots as well as Blue Faced Honeyeaters.