Marysville 4th - 6th August 2006


Henric and Cory

Mark A.

Mark F. James and Liam

The plan was to camp in the snow. Originally we were headed to Licola, but this year was a very dry year with very little snow. Rather than drive 4 hours to Licola and see no snow, we drove 1/2 hours to Marysville for no snow (well, a little).

Friday night we left straight after work, and stopped at Buxton for some of the "best Burgers in Victoria". They are quite good.

Then we drove up to Mt. Margaret. The hope of snow at the summit was dashed, but it was too late now to go looking for an alternate campsite, so we setup camp, got a small fire going, warmed up the water for hot water bottles and went off to bed.

Overnight was really cold. Too cold given there was no snow around. In the morning the ground was frozen, the puddles were frozen and we were frozen.

We packed up and moved on down to the Taggerty River, setting up a nice little bush camp right beside the river.

After a minimalist camp setup and a light breakfast we drove up to Lake Mountain for a bit of tobogganing.

Lunch was at the side of the carpark in the snow, and then we went for a walk to the Lake Mountain summit

Back at camp we got a descent fire going and Henric and Cory treated us to a superb roast beef dinner.

Next morning was a full on cooked breakfast, before a little 4WDing.

Water Race Track again proved impossible to climb. Both Henric and myself trying numerous times to drive up, only to gracefully slide back down and off into a washout.

We did a grand tour around the Marysville area, exploring a number of tracks, some not on the map. We eventually arrived in town and picked up some Vanilla Slices and other bakery type goodies to enjoy back at camp for lunch. Then it was all over, sadly having to head back home, another lovely weekend nearing to an end.