Enoch Point, May 2002

Feeding a Kookaburra at Enoch Point

Going stir-crazy after my Op, I decided to do a family day trip up to Enoch Point which I had heard much about but had never visited.  We travelled in via Cumberland Junction and down Big River Road, where we came across a snake on the road.  It looked like a Tiger Snake, and also seemed dead.  Closer examination showed this to be incorrect, and I very quickly jumped back into the car!  The trip to Enoch Point via Big River Road was definitely the long way, and the road was very rough, or at least it seemed so in my condition.  We took a short cut into Enoch Point, crossing a small stream and had some trouble on the creek exit where it climbed up over a rocky shelf.  But we eventually crawled up past some old huts and into the township.  We had a nice lunch on the trackside shared with a kookaburra where some exploring uncovered some old house foundations and the remains of a leather boot, nails and all.  A bit of fishing in the river up from the falls before it got dark, and a fruitless look for the cemetery (Damn forgot to bring my maps!) before continuing on down Big River Road with a few more fishing attempts then on to home.

Track Summary & Travel Times

Track Name Surface Travel Time Average Speed
Home to Cambarville Sealed Not recorded Not recorded
Big River Rd 2WD Gravel becoming easy 4WD Not recorded Not recorded
Enoch Point Shallow creek crossing followed by steep 4wd across rock ledges Not recorded Not recorded
Big River Rd to Jamieson Rd Easy 4WD becoming 2WD. Some shallow creek crossings Not recorded Not recorded