Marysville: 20th July 2008

Participants: Mark, Michelle, James and Liam


Back up to Marysville for some snow driving. We stopped in at the Wishing Well to see if there would be any water. It was bone dry last time we visited, but with a lot of rain recently we thought that we'd be in luck.


Not to be, however. There was only the smallest pool of water here. We made a wish anyway and continued on.


There was a reasonable amount of snow around, and despit the road being marked as closed at Mount Margaret, we were able to continue through. A number of other cars had also continued on through, surprisingly we found people in the commodores driving in the snow. They managed to avoid getting bogged, which was probably more good luck than skill with the amount of snow across the roads at some points.


We had a few snowball fights, then headed further along Blue Range Road.


I found a fantastic little campsite along the roadside. We stopped here for a while, exploring under the beech myrtles and mossy creek banks.


I drove along a few nearby 4WD tracks, seeing if there were any other nearby campsites which would be worth visiting in the snow time, then headed back down out of the mountains.

It was the delicious Buxton Burgers for a late lunch/early dinner before returning back home.