Tanjil River Fishing: 6th April 2008

Participants: Mark, Michelle

Tanjil River Fishing 001

A short day trip down to one of my favourite areas for a bit of fishing, and to see how the area fared after some pretty full on storms!

Tanjil River Fishing 005

The storms had brought a lot of trees down. Some of the tracks were doubly impassable!

Tanjil River Fishing 008

A tried spinning at my favourite little 'secret' bush camping spot. No luck, but it is a magic little location.

Tanjil River Fishing 009

I love this spot!

Tanjil River Fishing 016

As an added bonus, a ford across the river had been created, meaning I now had a much quicker way to get in here. I found a few other backup campsites on the other side of the river too, my lucky day.