Cathedral Ranges Walking Trip 8th September 2001


Stephanie, Oiyee, Mark L, Mark F

John, Genevieve & Christopher, and Christopher's friend Corey

Richard & Sarah

The vicious Kookaburra

Stephanie, Mark L, Oiyee and Mark F arrived at Ned's Gully Day Visitor area and set about having Morning Tea whilst we waited for John and Richard to arrive.  Oiyee was just about to place a piece of roll into her mouth when a kookaburra swooped down from behind and took it out of her hand, as well as taking a small piece of her hand and flying back up into a tree.  All I could see from a distance was the flash of brown swooping down at Oiyee, then Oiyee running around in circles!  It was then that we noticed the signs, "Don't feed the birds".  Don't think we really get much choice in it, as they help themselves.

Resting and snacking on the way up

It was not long after that John and Richard arrived, and after introductions we set off up Ned's Gully.  What a great walk up through a gully with a small bubbling creek appearing and disappearing beneath moss covered rocks at the side of the path.  The track soon becomes steeper and eventually comes to a few switchbacks before coming up to Ned's Saddle.  We stopped for a well earned rest on one of the switchbacks for some scroggin and to allow everybody to catch up.

In the saddle, the path branches off into a number of directions on different walks.   We chose the climb up to Cathedral Peak, a quite steep climb up and through broken lichen covered rocks.

Group shot on the ridge
Walking along the ridge

Up on the peak we were treated to magnificent views into the valley.  We stopped and ate our lunch before heading south along the ridge and on down to the Farmyard, with the odd patch of drizzle along the way.  From the Farmyard, we headed down Jawbone Creek, a very steep descent in some places past some large boulders and fern gullies.   We managed to spot a few lyrebirds on the way down near MacLennans Gully.  We climbed up to the Jawbone car park, and continued our walk to Cooks Mill.  Mark L ran from here back to the cars, and brought John's Landcruiser back saving the rest of us from a few kilometres additional walking.  Whilst waiting, we found a Satin Bowerbird and his nest; an impressive collection of all things blue.

Mark finally managed to work out how to get the Cruiser started, and we all piled in and headed back to the car park, seeing a wombat and a few wallabies along the way.   We stopped off at Healesville for chips and gravy before heading on home.