Toolangi State Forest - January 2001


Nissan Patrol

Nathan/ Dana:

Toyota Landcruiser

After the Warburton trip, this trip was conducted completely at my own pace, allowing me to travel tracks that I felt comfortable on, and with some guidance and direction from Nathan.  It was a good trip, because I picked up some valuable skills and experience.

We entered Toolangi Forest via Marginal Road, and after dismissing a track on the left that was way too steep and rutted we headed off right up Wee Creek Track till it's end.  We travelled back down Flat Rock Track and Gutter Creek Rd to Marginal Road.  We stopped along Marginal Road and walked down a closed trail that Nathan had been down on a previous trip.

We spotted a snake as we walked down to what could only be described as The Bog Hole of Despair.  An impassable example of a bog hole that was no longer accessible.  We walked back to the trucks and then headed left off Marginal Road onto Martins Road and across Kalatha Creek.  The hill climb here was too steep, so we backtracked onto Kalatha Creek Track, then crossed the creek via Campsite Track, which we followed to the top. Coming back down Campsite Track I managed to drop the back wheels into the ruts, while leaving the front wheels high on top of the ruts.  With help from Nathan, I was able to get the front wheels into the ruts without hitting the embankment using the tyres to keep the truck away from the steep track edge, and continued on down the hill.

This was a most enjoyable trip, where I picked up some new 4WD skills.