Toolangi 1st July 2001

Nathan: Landcruiser

Mark, Nick & Liam : Patrol

Scott : Hilux

This was the 4WD Trip from hell. Everything that could go wrong, pretty much did.

I got momentarily stuck in a bog hole. I was able to get out without requiring recovery by rocking backwards and forwards however becoming stuck in this bog hole resulted in the eventual seizing of the air conditioning compressor and an idler pulley, as well as muddy water in under the doors and also the headlights.

Things became worse, and whilst driving on Victoria Range Track, a log on the track corner took out the left step.

Could things get any worse? Well yes; deciding to turn around on another track to avoid a deep boghole resulted in me hitting a tree stump hidden in long grass, denting the bottom of the bull-bar.

Surely that would be the worst of it. No, the clutch that was showing some slight signs of slippage before the trip was pretty much completely burnt out on the trip home travelling up some steep roads out of Yarra Glen. I had to get a tow home.

This was one trip I'd wished I'd stayed home on!