Marysville & Keppel Hut 30th March, 2003

Beryl & Kurt

Mark, Michelle, James & Liam, Glenda & Arthur

Keppel Hut Group Shot
Kurt tending the billy

This was an easy one day trip into the forests behind Marysville.  After morning tea in the park at Marysville, we made our way down Lady Talbot Drive.  Taggerty River Fire Line Track no longer appeared to exist, so we travelled further along Lady Talbot and starting climbing White House Fire Line Track.  We didn't make it to the top however, leaving this track for another day and deciding to head directly to our lunch destination of Keppel Hut.

Lunch at Keppel Hut

We explored around the hut and ate our lunch around a warming fire before heading across the mud and along McFadyen Track.  This is a great 4WD track through some very beautiful forest areas.  It's not a hard track, but is still fun, with mud, rocks, bog holes and great and varied scenery.  I especially liked travelling through the Woollybutts, with the granite boulders strewn throughout.

From here, we made our way down Tweed Spur Road which had been graded and was quite different from the last time we travelled it.  We stopped for afternoon tea at Cooks Mill in the Cathedral Ranges, letting the kids enjoy a swim in Storm Creek before returning home.