Latrobe River - 4th - 6th May 2007

Participants: Patty, Mark L, Henric, Cory, Michelle and Mark

Mark, Patty, Michelle and I headed off straight after work with the plan to meet Henric and Cory at the campsite. We stopped in Lillydale for some tasty Fish & Chips, and after taking a couple of wrong turns out the back of Neerim we eventually arrived at the first of the two possible campsites.

It was a bit dissapointing to find somebody already in the first site. Not because it was the better site, but rather that the two sites were close together and we really wanted the area to ourselves. Turned out though that it was Henric and Cory in the 1st site (the wrong site).

After some discussion and debate on the merits of the two sites and if we would all fit into the 2nd site, it was agreed that Henric and Cory pack up and move. So much for getting there first and saving time... Lucky they hadn't lit the fire, because that would have been a bit harder to relocate.

The dramas in setting up from the night before long forgotten as we settled into a huge cooked breakfast the next morning.

Mark whips up some tasty scrambled eggs with some assistance from Patty.

We explored around the area, including driving across the river a few times. This is an excellent 4WD area also popular with the trail bikes. There were a couple of large groups setup at Hawthorn Bridge and we were grateful in being a little bit removed in our private campsite on the river.

I tried a little trout fishing and managed to catch some small trout, nothing big enough to keep and we relaxed around the campsite for the remainder of the day.

We built of the fire in the afternoon to get heaps of coals for our roast dinner, and managed to spot a couple of scorpions and a huge centipede escaping the buring logs. We saved the two scorpions, but the centipede wasn't so fortunate.

Dinner as always was a feast, a beautiful roast lamb with all the trimmings.

For something a little different, we stopped in Noojee on the way home for lunch at the Toolshed. A very nice spot to eat, very popular with the bikers and certainly recommended.