Goulburn River: 8th, 9th and 10th January 2008

Participants: Nathan, Dana, Zak, Mark

Goulburn River Camp 005

Ah, a weekend away with Nate and D. Awesome. Getting there had to be half the fun, so after our rendezvous at the top of the Reefton Spur, we made our way Eastwood down various 4WD tracks, but as is often the case when navigating off a PDA, I took a wrong turn, requiring some precarious multipoint turns on the side of the mountain to get car and T-Van back on the right track. Ah fun. :)

Continuing on towards Knockwood, there was some very impressive (well quite sad really) firebreaks run across the ridge tops, often wide enough for a 6-lane highway!

We stopped for lunch on the ridgetrack, exploring a hut before back in the cars enjoyoing the steep scenic desent to Knockwood.

Goulburn River Camp 049

We made it in before dark, and managed to get our choice spot right on the Goulburn, near the ford, and prepped a not too late dinner.

Goulburn River Camp 058

Next morning I was up early, and caught a nice trout on a spinner at the crossing.

Goulburn River Camp 068

We went off exploring around, though we'd all been here before. We headed up to the helipad, and collected firewood for tonight's spit roast.

Goulburn River Camp 006

Spit roast and all the trimmings. Worth the wait.

Goulburn River Camp 020

The night before we'd heard a tree come crashing down somewhere off in the distance. Well, guess what. We found it, completely cutting off the exit track out to the main road. Nothing like a bit of fun track clearing to end the day out bush.