Tanjil River and Mt Baw Baw: 26th January 2008

Participants: Mark L, Mark A, Mark F

Tanjil Camping 021

How can you not go away camping on the Australia Day Long Weekend!

My favourite spot in this area was taken again! So we set up in the backup spot, which is still quite nice. Mark L and I headed off for a walk across Mt. Baw Baw. The walk was great, not too hard with excellent alpine flora and scenery. Some of the trail was quite overgrown, with the prickly bushes having a good go at our legs.

We started from Baw Baw village too early for a cuppa. We left the village via Maltese Cross walking amongst the snow gums up beside Tanjil Plain. Passing McMillan's Flat we decended to and crossed West Tanjil Creek.

We followed the Alpine Walking Track to Mt St Phillack before starting our return journey.

Tanjil Camping 033

We returned via the southern end of Currawong Flat, crossing the springs of West Tanjil Creek, before climbing upwards across The Tors.

We followed the ski trails across the southern face of Mt Baw Baw returning to the cafe which had now received it's supplies. We enjoyed a quick cuppa on the verandah before returning to camp.

Tanjil Camping 047

Back at camp, our trip of Marks, more correctly referred to as an intelligence of Marks was complete with the arrival if Mark A. Unfortunately our campsite was also appropriated by some stranger who seemed nice enough but didn't take the hints of advice on the many other campsites nearby.

We were later joined by more uninvited guests, though they kept mostly to themselves at the other end of the campsite.

Roast lamb with all the trimmings was enjoyed by all before heading off to bed.

Our uninvited guests then felt that we no longer existed, and proceeded to crank up their music to the point where in-ear iPod earphones couldn't mask the noise. Confrontation succeeded in getting the heavy metal turned down, but not completely off, though it died out about 30 minutes later. There were now three pissed off Marks.

Tanjil Camping 050

I managed to catch a very nice sized brown trout but hooking a Marsh Fly to a hook and floating it downstream. Mark L also managed to spot his first platypus in the wild!