Tanjil River Camp: 2nd to 4th January 2008

Participants: Sarah, Rachael, Mark, Michelle, James and Liam

Tanjil Camp with Girls 007

This is a real favourite location, here along the West Tanjil River. Though we didn't get our favourite spot, this one sure isn't too bad.

The kids all set up their tents at one end of the site, whilst we put up the camper and food station closer to the river.

Tanjil Camp with Girls 014

It was pretty damn hot, so we spent most of the day swimming in the river, and relaxing in the afternoon playing games till dinner time.

Tanjil Camp with Girls 016

Dinner was a gorgeous marinated roast lamb. God damn it was good!

Tanjil Camp with Girls 055

The next day was a warm one too. Spent some time fishing downstream from the campsite, and found a snake skin, picking up a leech bite for my troubles. We spent more time swimming and eating before heading off for a little explore around.

Tanjil Camp with Girls 068

We went 4WDing, and found a great little spot further upstream which would also make a fantastic little campsite; right on the water's edge. We splashed around in the water here for a while then headed back to camp.

Tanjil Camp with Girls 129

Back into the river, this time shooting each other with water pistols to help cool off, followed by tasty chicken fajitas for dinner.

Sarah wasn't feeling well, apparently having tonsilitis! She slept really poorly that night, spending most of the night awake sitting on the log over the river watching the platypus, so we packed up early the next morning to head on back home.