Tanjil River Easter: 21st March 2008

Participants: Mark, Bruce and Rusty


This was just a quick little get away, and I decided to bring the dogs with me to see how they went camping.

Dogs loved it, though they both had a little car sickness on the way down.


I had the place to myself the first day, though a car came down looking to camp there on the first night, but turned around and headed back up the road. The spot is accessable by normal 2WD, which I hadn;t realised as I always had come here via 4WD tracks.

I was awoken early the next morning by the sounds of kids running around and yelling, which completely surprised me. I got up to find a young guy (Sri lankan from memory) with his two very young nephews had set up their tent right next to me at about 2:00 in the morning!

They shared some of their breakfast with me then went off hunting whilst I went fishing and caught some 7 young trout, both brown and rainbow.