Gunbower Island Murray River: 30th April 2008

Mark L, Andrew, Mark F

Murray River 002

Another long weekend with fantastic weather, so up to my favourite spot on the Murray River again. Departing on the evening before however still didn't get us my favourite spot!

I caught up with Mark and Andrew at Kilmore where we did a quick stop for dinner before continuing up to our campsite on the Murray at Gunbower Island. I took a different entry point to the island than last time, and travelled in circles a little down the many dirt tracks on the island but eventually got to the river.

Murray River 005

The days were spent relaxing around camp, eating food, cycling, and floating down river.

Murray River 012

I think boredom set in at one point...

Murray River 013

Murray River 032

Murray River 045

The smile soon vanished when some earth's children perched on the other side of the river and started up some recorder duets. The problem however was resolved with a night of 80's new romantic music played nice and loud.