Warburton 4WD: 17th April 2008

Participants: Nathan, Zak, Garry, Mark

Warburton 4WD 001

Ah Warby; a great 4WD destination. A lot of the tracks are being closed off, and every time we come here the tracks are in a different place but it's still a great place to explore around.

Warburton 4WD 011

Our first track took us down into a valley to a track junction existing on the map only. The whole area had been dug up and ploughed with piles of earth blocking where the roads used to be. Would have been good to block the track at the start rather than the end and saved us an hour going nowhere!

Warburton 4WD 018

It started to drizzle right about lunch time; couldn't dampen our spirits though. We were outdoors in the bush, with mates playing in the mud.

Warburton 4WD 019

Warburton 4WD 031